About HSE Partnering Solutions

Highly affordable fractional consultant option for small business promotes steady, consistent progress and gives firms definite costs to budget!

Now, for the price of a part-time entry level person your company can get an educated & experienced Health, Safety and Environmental management person to help your site develop at your pace.  Your business can rest assured that you are actively working towards a strong safety and environmental culture while working towards full compliance with the many laws and regulations that effect them.

HSE Partnering Solutions is a consulting business that serves all manufacturing, service and industrial business. We have over 20 years of field-tested Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) experience. Our service is  ideal for small to mid-sized companies that cant absorb the costs or the pace of change that comes with a full-time HSE employee. We want to build long-term partnerships with your company to help you succeed in making Health, Safety and Environmental a part of the way you do business. As your company’s HSE management matures we step away and let you  self-sustain in these areas with resources and solutions we have provided.

We Believe:

1. Health, Safety, & Environmental Cultures and performance are not achieved overnight.

2. Health, Safety, & Environmental work must be integrated into the daily work that employees perform, and not be perceived as another added on duty.

3. All Companies are have different leadership, organizational structure and personalities which require different approaches to H.S.E. Management.

This is how HSE Partnering Solutions can help your business